Our goals and values of social responsibility are what define and guide us – and our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is what differentiates us as a company in the entire Kosovo market. We have been growing, not only as a company but also as a socially responsible corporate leader in Kosovo. Moreover, we strive to lead the way by pushing other private sector companies in Kosovo to recognize and set an example of the values and importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

From the outset, we aimed to create a clear strategy built on our contribution to the well-being of the Kosovar community. Our success is dependent on these values and long-term commitment to conducting a responsible business.

We believe that sustainable business success can only come from understanding and contributing to the communities in which we operate. Our success can only come from an honest assessment and attention to our social responsibilities in each of these areas.

As a result of this contribution Meridian Express was rewarded with the first place from the CSR Kosova network in 2013 – We are also co-founder of this network.

Keeping solid links with the communities in which we operate, has always been a priority for us,We see our contributions to the development of the Kosovo community as an obligation and an honor. This commitment has been an integral part of our corporate culture since our beginning and will guide us in our future as an active member of society that promotes best practices and acts as a common model for others.

Moreover, we have also been very active in promoting projects of a social character. Some of the activities in this regard included donating money to SOS village children through the “Equate the Bill” campaign. Also, in honor of the World Blood Donation Day, our workers donated blood – which is a traditional activity in our company. Also, individuals affected by Down’s syndrome, were provided with paid jobs, in some stores.

In 2016, we were supporters in the launch of the European Youth Pact in co-operation with CSR Kosovo network.

For more information on the CSR section, please refer to: http://www.meridianexpress.com/activity